The Band

Greg Swartz – Lead Vocals & Percussioncache_2149766

Greg has been the lead singer and front man in full-time local bands for over 30 consecutive years. He formed Classic Trax in 1991 and has performed approximately 100 gigs per year (weddings, functions, colleges, top night-clubs) for the last 20 years. He has also been involved in several other entertainment ventures:

In the 70s he wrote a top 40 hit “What Am I Crying For” for The Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost (other hits include Traces, Spooky, Stormy). He also sang on local commercials for Grossman’s Lumber and Martignetti Liquors.

In 1982 he did the voiceovers for the pilot of Fraggle Rock (Wembley & Gobo) and in 1985 he did the voices of Pouch & Droony in the animated series Tree People for BBC.

In the 90s he wrote, produced and sang a jingle for a local company, Classified Express. He also sang on national commercials for Borden Corporation, Wise Potato Chips and Cracker Jack as well as Libby’s Vegetables.

In 2001 he sang and co-wrote “Leah’s Letter” a song about the not-yet born daughter (Leah) to her father Patrick Quigley who tragically perished on 9/11. Many copies were sold through “Hope and Remembrance” a not-for-profit charity of which Greg is the Founder and President. ALL proceeds were distributed to local families and charities who lost family members in the attacks. Greg is currently focusing all of his musical attention to performances of Classic Trax.


Will Yates – Guitar & Vocalscache_2079556

Will began his show biz carear at age 7 appearing on the Major Mudd television show. All the kids in his second grade class saw him. “Instant stardom, it was great!” says Will.

Self taught on several instruments Will began jamming with home town musicans and played with the bands Glass Onion and Cities. Today Will plays with National Grass Band, Classic Trax and Cactus Gang.

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